Markel McKnight

English 122   

Reading Process

There are a good amount of ways to read the complexibility of a Kahneman article. One way is annotation because it’s one of the best ways to read an article and when you write stuff down on the side it’s a summary of what that paragraph was. Another good way\ to understand Kahneman article is getting help from your friends or relatives. Reading it over again is also a concept that can help a person understand Kahneman article. My reading skills weren’t that bad doing Kahneman reading, it’s just that it wasn’t really interesting to read at all. I used all of the basic skills like annotating, rereading, and asking questions. Somethings that I could’ve learned more was probably trying to understand the article a lot more just because it could’ve probably helped me better understand the article. Some bad habits that I have is that I procrastinate a lot because I usually just put things aside for later and don’t get back to it at all. Another bad habit is that I just don’t like reading because it’s not really interested towards me but it could help me out if I did read a little more on my free time. There are other reading strategies that could maybe help me but I feel like I don’t need to learn other reading strategies just because I’m still successful when I’m reading the articles. 

Case Study

Markel McKnight 10/31/2019 Professor Drown English 122 English Essay There has been so many times where I thought I did good on a test but then I failed. For example, when I was in high school I took a chemistry test and thought I did good but I ended up getting a 65. Another time when I thought I did great but didn’t was in statistics when I got a 60 on a test that I thought I got at least a 90 on. Once I saw where I messed up it helped me understand why I got the answer wrong and not right. It just triggered something in my head that was pushing me to do great on the test or exam. It made me want to try other ways of studying so I can try to do better on the next test.