Eng 123 Final

Markel McKnight

English 123

Professor Drown   

The most important thing that I have learned from reading a complex piece of reading is the annotation portion of it. Annotating actually helped me out a lot because whenever we would go over the article or passage to the next class I wouldn’t have to re-read the whole thing, I would just look at the notes that I put on the side of the paragraph and it would explain it. One of the things that has become standard when coming to terms is asking questions because it just gives me a better understanding of what was going on if I weren’t paying attention. Another active reading skill that I’ve picked up better was actively reading because before coming into this course my attention span wasn’t too broad but this course has taught me how to be more engaged in reading so I couldn’t fall asleep so easily. Some challenges that I had faced during the course was definitely just getting myself to stay up the whole class without dozing off. I overcame that by asking to use the bathroom sometimes just so I can go for a walk to wake myself up more or when you would make the class do things that required us to to move around. Another problem that I had faced was in the beginning of the year when we had some conflict going on but once we had gotten past our differences I felt that the course had gone a lot better. Last conflict that I had gone through during this course was the pandemic that caused us to evacuate campus and go home.It had set me back on a lot of work especially when my grandmother had been exposed to this virus. It has just been a tough time in general to complete any of my work. One reward that I had got from this course was when you allowed us to pick 5 songs for that assignment and you played our songs during class. I felt that was a good moment for the whole class. Even when you had shared those other songs before they were pretty interesting when I was listening to them and I listened to them a couple of times. Another time was when I had typed an essay that I thought was average but you ended up liking it and I had gotten a good grade on it just because I had all of the key pieces I needed to do even though I didn’t even realize it. Something that I will take from this course to further me in the future is to never give up when something gets hard keeping trying to figure it out but if you can’t that it is okay to ask for help from your peers or the professor because they may know something you don’t know but they could also be having issues on a different question that you might’ve answered already.