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Do you still think that artists can still sell out? According to the article “Can Today’s Artist still sell out?” 6 different people give their point of views for the situation, like when they were asked about Kendrick Lamar and Reebok. Roy Cook had stated that “Kendrick Lamar clearly sold out. But is there anything wrong with this? Well, sure: compromising one’s personal values or one’s musical integrity is an inherently bad thing.” He believes that Kendrick is a sell out because of how he is compromising his personal values or even his music integrity. But other people might feel differently from Cook, like Another question was “U2 released its 2014 album, “Songs of Innocence,” during a starry product launch for Apple, who inserted the album into half a billion customers’ iTunes libraries without asking them first. Was this an infringement of privacy, or as U2 put it, a gift?”  From Mary Beth Willard point of view she had thought that “U2 made an album for a product launch, and then Apple bizarrely put it in everyone’s iTunes. They wanted to call it a gift of music, but because the music was seen as supporting a product launch, it was taken as akin putting an advertising jingle into your playlist.”

Other people’s point of view on artists selling out goes both ways because you have people who sided with Shen- yi Liao saying Kendrick didn’t sell out, like Claudia Mills when she said “Did Kendrick Lamar sell out when he used his artistry to sell Reebok shoes? If he prioritized realizing his own artistic vision in the making of his central body of musical work, he did not sell out there. But what about using his artistic gifts, in addition, to market shoes? There does not seem to me to be anything in itself problematic about working in advertising; indeed, advertising jingles are some of the most memorable and beloved tunes of my own childhood.” Claudia is saying that he didn’t sell out if he had mad his own artistic vision in his music. Another person was Shen-yi Liao when she said “What about Kendrick Lamar? By the time he did the Reebok advertisements, he already had two major label albums. In my view, he already crossed over to the pop side of hip hop. If we viewed him as a pop artist, then no, that wasn’t selling out—because Kendrick Lamar the pop artist cannot sell out.” Shen thinks that Kendrick can’t sell out because he already had 2 major albums and he had moved on to the pop side of hip hop.

But then you have others like Roy Cook who do believe that Kendrick did sell out like in the article when Erich Hatala Matthes had put a fake dialogue between a fan and kendrick saying “Fan: “Shilling for Reebok is bullshit: you’re woke-washing a subsidiary of Adidas, infamous for their labor violations. It’s completely antithetical to the political spirit of your music. You sold out.” `Lamar: “Eh, I don’t feel like I’ve made my art worse for this commercial, so my artistic standards remain intact.” Then he goes on to say “Let’s just assume that the response is true, that Lamar hasn’t compromised his artistic standards. Why does that still sound like a hollow reply to the fan? I think the answer is that selling out has less to do with an artist compromising their own artistic standards and more to do with their violating the trust of their audience.”

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