Project 2

Markel McKnight

English 123

Feb. 16th 2020

Professor Drown

I listen to different types of music just because each style of music is unique in it’s own way.  But the kind of music I listen to regularly has to be rap and hip-pop, some of the rappers I listen to are G Herbo, Lil Uzi Vert, J Cole, Fivio Foreign, Polo G, Juice Wrld, and etc. When I’m listening to rap I feel like I can connect to what they’re saying because I grew up in a similar environment so I really understand what they are saying when they start rapping about coming from nothing and now they’re something. Like when G Herbo had said “I ride dolo ’cause I found out niggas wasn’t solid

I thought you was riding forever

Ninety percent of these n****s is b***hes

They find theyselves snitchin’ tryna lie to detectives

(F**k is you talking for?)”

In that verse when he said that he means that he doesn’t hangout with a lot of people because almost every guy will snitch on will on you to the cops just because they try to lie to the detectives. J Cole is another rapper that actually has a meaning to something when he is rapping like in the song “Love Yourz” when he “I grew up in the city and though sometimes we had less

Compared to some of my n****s down the block man we were blessed

And life can’t be no fairytale, no once upon a time”

When he said that he was meaning that he grew up in a city where he had less than compared to other people in his community.

But, then you just have other musicians who are awful and don’t make sense at all when they talk like the band “Disturbed” or “Asking Alexandria.” For example, when I heard the song“Down With The Sickness” that “Disturbed” wrote it literally made no sense at all because they were just screaming for most of the song. Can you feel that?

“Ah, shit

Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah

Oh, ah, ah, ah, ahoh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” , that was the intro to the song now if you actually hear the song with all the sound and screaming you might lose your mind. The kind of music I can never see myself listening to has to be like Orchestra, Metal, Heavy Rock, and more like that because those types of music don’t really have that something that pops out to me like rap and hip-pop do. Others may feel the same way about the music I listen to. I learned plenty of things people say about it like “It’s too thug” ,“They don’t make sense in what they’re saying” , and more . But the real reason why others don’t like it is because they don’t understand what it’s like to come from an environment where you see people living off section 8 or worrying about being at the wrong place at the wrong time especially when it’s night out. 

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