Eng123 essay

If the athletes at University of New England were to speak out against the national anthem how do you think people are going to react to that? There will be all the news places from around the area on this campus so fast, it will be in the headlines of just about almost all the newspapers, and would be talked about on the radio. Just like when Kaepernick sat down for the anthem but then took a knee to not mean harm to anyone.The press was going crazy for that because it was such a big deal to the point where he had lost his job. But what people don’t get is just because you are a college athlete you are not speaking out with a purpose. College athletes will always have a chip on their shoulder just because of other people’s persauna on them. People’s point of view of the situation is different because the presidents aspect compared to the athletes are different.The presidents point of view could be different things like he could be pissed and punish them or he might understand the reasoning behind and wouldn’t be mad. But he’s the type to come to some sort of fair agreement because it’s not fair for the athletes to not stand up for what they believe in.In the athletes mind they think that they’re doing something good just because they are standing up for what they believe in. Speaking from an athletes perspective we do have a say too just because we’re athletes doesn’t make us dumb. Athletes could’ve been speaking out on many things like white on black crime, police brutality, and etc. When they take a knee though people around them make it such a bigger deal than it actually needs to be even though they don’t want any harm they just strong believers. An analysis of the situation is that if the athletes actually have a valid reason to take a knee the president is willing to make a deal with them. Parents’ point of view may be different as well because there will be some parents who will hate that and start talking about how that group or individual is disrespecting the flag and the anthem. But in the anthem it says “One nation under God” you can’t be one nation when you have people killing each other for many reasons.

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