Homework 1/22/19

1. Athletes speak on many different problems around the United States. When I was reading the KAT article it said in paragraph 3 how his driver who was around his 60s or 70s was saying how he feels nowadays society brings back memories from the past with segregation. Towns then went into detail about how there was a guy killed in his home city where he was from in broad daylight for no reason. But America does also have it’s good moments as Towns was stating. He also had made a remark about Trump which was true because he doesn’t know the tremendous outcomes of what his words can do now that he is president. Then he made a point saying ” I know that some people will downplay what I’m saying because I play in the NBA. They’ll say (stick to sports) and woo-woo-woo. But I believe the culture is changing when it comes to athletes speaking out on the things that really matter.” Reading that he was basically stating that he and all his fellow athletes who speak out on something they stand up for. They’re not only doing it for themselves they’re doing it for everyone around them not just there family.

2. I do think that there critiques are invalid just because why are they criticizing someone that is just speaking on there opinion. But since the athletes are nationally known and you hear them speak out for others who are just too scared to say something that agree with what the athletes are saying will hopefully encourage one of them to speak out for themselves one day.People like Ingraham and Travis oppose athletes speaking out because there intimidated. They know in the back of there heads how much impact athletes have on America especially big ones like Jordan, Bron, Kaepernick, and Etc. With a lot of power that athletes have by impacting society becomes great responsibility which I think they have been living up to. Unlike other people for example Donald Trump.

3. When athletes speak out on something it means that it is personal and that they care about it. They don’t try to speak out and behave in a way that would offend anyone or getting anyone hurt. They just want to make an impact on this society and environment that they see slowly crumbling. But in others eyes they see it as something different just because there not the same gender or race as them.

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