Colin Kaepernick

The article I chose talked mainly about Kaepernick and how he was protesting by taking a knee during the national anthem. He was protesting against police brutality. Then it was giving examples of other athletes that protested before like at the 1968 Olympic Games when Tommy Smith and John Carlos who were 2 African-American medalists who dressed against the dress code. They raised there black gloved fists to protest against how black people were being treated during that time. The Arthur gave a stance from the other side as well saying people like Trump and Jerry Jones think sports and politics should never mix. In the article it stated some facts saying ” Athletes who have used their platform to make political statements faced serve consequences from the power that be.” Afterwards, it started to talk about Muhammed Ali and how he stripped of his championship title because he refused to go into the military from religious reasoning. Then they banned him from boxing in the United States 3 years later. But it also talked about how other entertains besides athletes when they were protesting against something there consequences weren’t nearly as server as when the athletes were protesting. Tommy Smith and John Carlos eventually got memorialized a statue at the Smithsonian museum of African- American history. In 2008 they got awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. I thought the Arthur of the article had good points talking about all the events of athletes standing up for what they believe in and risking it all just so there kind of people in the world will stop being treated with inequality and treated more with equality. When the Arthur said ” Kaepernick and his fellow NFL players who risk condemnation or worse for participating in protests on the field, should be proud to be a part of the rich legacy of bravery and activism reserved for outspoken American athletes.” That meant something because he is not only standing up for himself, he is standing up for a bunch of others who are too scared to speak up for themselves.

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