Markel McKnight

English 122   

Reading Process

There are a good amount of ways to read the complexibility of a Kahneman article. One way is annotation because it’s one of the best ways to read an article and when you write stuff down on the side it’s a summary of what that paragraph was. Another good way\ to understand Kahneman article is getting help from your friends or relatives. Reading it over again is also a concept that can help a person understand Kahneman article. My reading skills weren’t that bad doing Kahneman reading, it’s just that it wasn’t really interesting to read at all. I used all of the basic skills like annotating, rereading, and asking questions. Somethings that I could’ve learned more was probably trying to understand the article a lot more just because it could’ve probably helped me better understand the article. Some bad habits that I have is that I procrastinate a lot because I usually just put things aside for later and don’t get back to it at all. Another bad habit is that I just don’t like reading because it’s not really interested towards me but it could help me out if I did read a little more on my free time. There are other reading strategies that could maybe help me but I feel like I don’t need to learn other reading strategies just because I’m still successful when I’m reading the articles.